Tuition and Fees

Entrance Fee / Cuota de Entrada

PK3 – 5 US$ 3,500.00
6 -12 US$ 2,500.00

The Entrance fee is a one-time fee for new students.

Registration Fee / Matricula Anual

PK3 – 12 US$285.00

The registration fee is non-refundable

Monthly Tuition (12 Months August - July) Colegiatura Mensual 01 Ago '20 - 31 Jul '21

Pre Kinder 3 US$ 250.00
Pre Kinder 4 US$ 335.00
Kinder US$ 535.00
1-5 US$ 615.00
6-12 US$ 700.00

Yearly Fees per Student / Cuotas Anuales por Alumno

Technology Fee (PK3) US$168.00
Technology Fee (PK4 -12) US$264.00
APF Fee for Events (PK3-12) US$18.00
Graduation Fee (12) US$200.00

Payment Regulations

  1. Monthly payments are from August to July of each academic year.
  2. Family discounts are not meant to be permanent and may vary from year to year.
  3. Tuition must be paid during the first five days of the month. A 5% fine will be charged on payments past due. Payments outstanding for over 10 days will be charged a 10% fine.
  4. If a student attends any part of a semester, 100% of the semestrer tuition must be paid. (6 months of tuition)
  5. A 6% discount is offered to families who pay the annual tuition in advance.