21st Century School

St. Augustine Preparatory School is preparing students for life in the 21st century by integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. Students in grades 9 to 12 participate in our Bring-your-own-tablet program and access most textbooks on their device. For students in grades PK3 to 8, the school has three mobile iPad labs and a computer lab with both Windows and iOs software.

Teachers take advantage of the school’s online management system (Renweb) to keep parents and students informed about lesson plans, homework and grades. They can also access on-line resources like our virtual library and teacher guides using the school’s wireless broadband internet connection and fiber optic infrastructure.


Students can continue to use the school’s technological platform at home through the school’s webpage with access to their class information on ParentsWeb and with EBSCO, an on-line search engine designed especially for schools. In order to guarantee the integration of technology in the actual teaching and learning process, each classroom is equipped with a fixed short-throw projector and a computer connected to a dedicated high-speed Internet connection.

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