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 Message from the Headmaster

St. Augustine Preparatory School is a private, Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school. Inspired by the life and thought of St. Augustine of Hippo, we aspire to be an educational community where together, through faith and reason, we seek a deeper knowledge of ourselves, of the world and of God.

The restless love of truth, so central in the life of St. Augustine, must be the foundation of our Augustinian education. We want our students to be intellectually curious, rigorous and independent thinkers who are not satisfied with easy answers but are willing to search continuously for a greater understanding of themselves and the world. We provide our students with a rich, challenging and structured curriculum that prepares them for future university studies, but more importantly sets them on the path towards a life-long pursuit of truth, understanding and wisdom in their lives.


We believe students must be both challenged and nurtured to achieve the highest standards of excellence in their endeavors. As a Catholic school, we understand our mission is to educate the whole person, taking into consideration all aspects of the student’s being: body, mind, heart and spirit. To achieve this, we offer our students a variety of opportunities to develop their God-given talents, including sports, the arts, community service and spiritual development.

Also integral to our mission is the formation of our students’ character. Beginning with universal human virtues (honesty, respect, responsibility), we also invite our students to listen to the call of the Gospel of Jesus and to let God’s grace transform their lives so that they may aspire not just to a merely good human life, but also to a truly holy life.

The ideal St. Augustine graduate is a young person who thinks with clarity, acts with integrity and loves with generosity.

We invite you read on for more information, but more importantly to visit us and come see for yourself what St. Augustine Preparatory School is all about.


José Oyanguren


Mr. Oyanguren holds a B.A in Philosophy from Georgetown University and a Master´s in Religious Studies from Yale Divinity School, Yale University. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

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