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Paulina Graham (Class of 2015)

After graduating from St. Augustine in 2015, I studied Sustainable Development and Economics at Columbia University. After graduating in 2019, I stayed in New York, working in Investment Banking. My current role is in Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) Capital Markets where we help bring ESG product and advisory solutions to the bank’s corporate and sovereign clients. I had always been interested in Sustainability, so I am excited to work in a position where I can contribute to the transition to a better, more sustainable economy and planet.

What I miss most about my school is the CSA community - my teachers, friends, admin personnel and everyone else in the school who knew me since I was 5. I miss the hallway conversations with teachers and friends that went beyond anything related to class; sitting on the floor against the lockers during lunch, dying of laughter; and too many other memories, people, classes and places which I carry with me, always.

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Alumni Updates

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Luis Felipe Delgado (Class of 2013)


After graduating from St. Augustine Preparatory School back in 2013, I moved to Miami, Florida where, for the first year, I began my studies in the field of business.

I was uncertain what I really wanted to study, however, deep inside I knew it was Architecture. I continued my studies in Miami Dade College, but decided to change my major to architecture. My intention was to push myself and excel in all my courses in order to transfer to an accredited school for Architecture. I applied to multiple universities and fortunately I was accepted into 3 of my 5 top picks. I chose University of Miami to complete my Bachelor's Degree where I completed the three remaining years. 

During my last year of university, I was a little skeptical about having to start looking for internships. One of my professors at the time encouraged and motivated me into doing so, as it would be a great learning opportunity. I attended the career fair and found this really amazing company, Nunzio Marc Desantis Architects, located in Dallas Texas. They offered me a summer internship and I relocated there for 3 months. Overall, it was an amazing experience from which I learned and grew a lot, but I returned to Miami as soon as it was over. 

Now, looking back to when my journey began in a small and wonderful school, St. Augustine, I can't explain how grateful I am that I was able to learn and grow with such amazing teachers and friends with whom I got to share this experience with. 

If there is something I can say to the younger generation, it would be to trust yourself and to remember that not even the sky's the limit.


Giuliana Ahlers (Class of 2010)

It's been 11 years since I graduated from St. Augustine, but once a dolphin always a dolphin! My journey so far has been more exciting and challenging than I could have imagined. After graduating from St. Augustine in 2010, I attended the University of Virginia, receiving a degree in English, only to get a job at a research and advisory firm working with banks in Latin America. My computer classes with Mr. Medrano helped make drafting those long emails and creating presentations to boards so much easier, and thanks to Ms. Jeanine, I still reread every email regardless of its length about 10 times making sure there aren't any typos.  It was in this job that I found myself traveling throughout Central and South America speaking about politics and the banking industry, where I was reminded of Ms Nohelia, and her endless patience with us.  I ended up working at CEB, later acquired by Gartner, for 6 and a half years.



Andrés Zamora (Class of 2014)


After graduating from St. Augustine in 2014, I graduated as an Aerospace Engineer from the University of Notre Dame, worked for a year at Booz Allen Hamilton in Houston for their NASA contract while pursuing my online masters degree in data science from UC Berkeley. I recently finished my masters in data science and have been working for over a year now in Mexico City at ON Energy Storage building Artificial Intelligence models that predict energy demand for Peru and Mexico. I am also on the board of directors for the Nicaraguan NGO BlueEnergy, and helped establish TDenergy, an energy efficiency start-up based in Mexico City. What I find most memorable from my time at St. Augustine is my classes with Mr. Ivan Ilich Escorcia and Miss Johanna Hueck. I greatly miss my friends from school and the cafeteria paninis!



Ivania Zamora (Class of 2010)


Actualmente trabajo como VP of Sales para una compañía que produce y vende shows de televisión como MasterChef y Peaky Blinders. Me encanta mi trabajo sobre todo el contacto con los clientes y la parte creativa del negocio. Llevo 7 años viviendo en Miami, aunque extraño mi país y lo llevo muy presente en mi corazón.

De todas las memorias lindas que tengo de mis años en el San Agustín, las mas simples son las que mas extraño. Los recreos con mis amigos, a mis profesores, especialmente a Mrs. Nohelia que siempre fue como una segunda mamá, a Doña Thelma, nuestra nurse que siempre nos dio todo su cariño, y a cada una de las personas que de muchas maneras nos ayudaron a prepararnos para la vida profesional y sobre todo a llevar nuestra fe a todas partes.

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Raquell Muñiz  (Class of 2014)


St. Augustine life has been great! I walked into college with strong skills which I gained from my time in CSA – this made me feel academically prepared.

Academics aside, I recently moved to DC post-grad and started a career at Yelp.

Emilia Lacayo  (Class of 2014)

I decided to attend Villanova University, known for its Augustinian roots. After four amazing years, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Psychology. I am currently working in the Public Relations field in Miami.



Juan Carlos Narvaez  (Class of 2014)


It’s been a rollercoaster of new adventures. From studying in paradise and changing careers to working at the happiest place on Earth for a semester.  Just one semester away from finishing my Hospitality Management career.

Sergio Cortes  (Class of 2014)

After St. Augustine I left to the American North East for my undergrad at Mercyhurst University. Now that I graduated, I am at the University of Notre Dame’s Echo program. This program consists of taking intensive summer classes to get my master’s in Theology, while working year-round at a parish placement in the United States and taking online classes. Through the program, I am currently working at Resurrection Church in Houston, Texas, a predominantly Latino, low-income parish in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. I coordinate and teach continued religious education (CCE) and 1st Communion classes for 5th grade and under, I teach confirmation classes for High School students, and I plan, implement, coordinate, and carry out various other Church life and administrative activities.

Cristiana Salazar (Class of 2016)


I am currently a junior studying communication with a minor in business administration and a concentration in marketing. I love my major, especially because of all the opportunities I’ve had being close to DC.

I have recently been chosen to present an essay on behalf of Marymount College on mass shootings and how they are portrayed by the media at a national conference called VACAS Conference. I have been on the Dean’s list three semesters in a row and I recently got accepted into the Lambda Pi Eta Honors Society.

I also started a fundraiser by the name of Hope for Las Marias, for a school in Jinotega. A gala will be held in NYC at the end of this month to receive donations from various banks and organizations. Soon I will be applying for internships in DC and will hopefully get a position at NBC or Telemundo.

Thank you for giving me the best education possible to achieve all my hopes and dreams. I am so proud to say I graduated CSA!

Forever grateful!


 Maria Zamora,  (Class of 2016) 

Currently studying in New York at Parsons School of Design double major in Integrated Design and Literature. Worked for Netflix and Warner Brothers as production assistant and art department intern for “the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Patrick Clark  (Class of 2016) 

St. Augustine was not only my school since kindergarten, but it was also the place where I made friends that will last a lifetime. This was the place where I learned about life, spirituality, and values. This school made me the person I am today.

I played sports since the 3rd grade and graduated the year we finally won the AASCA Soccer Tournament in our home turf. I was very proud to read in this alumni page that it was a student from the 2016 graduating class who started the “Once a dolphin, always a dolphin” phrase, because I still remember the day after practice that I went to the mall and had that engraved in my shirt to wear at my final game with the team. I still remember losing, feeling miserable, but at the same time infinitely grateful that I had the opportunity to be in this school and in that team that accomplished so much.

St. Augustine will always be a huge part of me, and I hope one day my kids can have that same experience I had. That is the reason I visit so much.

I made incredible friends out of classmates, teachers, staff, coaches, even “flipper”, the stuffed dolphin became a part of my life, he was in all my graduation pictures.

I couldn’t be prouder to be a St. Augustine Alumni, because this was the school where I grew to become the person I am today. If it weren’t for the opportunities I received in this school, the friendships I made, the teachers and coaches I had, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Ivania Zamora  (Class of 2010)


I am currently living in Miami and I work in the entertainment industry. I have been at Endemol Shine Group for 3 years and have had one promotion. It has been a great learning experience and continues to be. What I would really like to say is that my foundation as a well-rounded individual who knows how to work well with people with different backgrounds and religions is all thanks to my learning experience at St. Augustine. Through my current job, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet and work with people from around the world. Knowing how to keep my faith intact, while respecting and working with others, has made all the difference in my life post graduating from St. Augustine. I constantly remind myself on my day to day life to think with clarity, act with integrity and love with generosity everywhere I go.



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