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Student Services

Our School Counseling Program includes a broad range of services to help students capitalize on their strengths and reach their highest levels of development. The school counselors provide direct attention to students, parents, and teachers through preventive services, developmental activities, and assistance in creating plans of action for students who give evidence of academic or emotional difficulties.

Assisted by teachers and the school administration, the counselors regularly develop, schedule and evaluate the provisions of the counseling program.

Based on student needs and in order to address different issues, the School Counseling Program offers several types of services.

Individual counseling: The counseling program allows the School Counselor to assist students’ educational and personal concerns on an individual basis. The individual counseling sessions are designed to help students make and follow appropriate plans of action to address their specific concerns.

Group counseling: Group counseling allows small groups of students to share ideas about specific issues such as conflict-resolution and peer-relationships. These sessions are led by the School Counselor and they help students share ideas and resolve their concerns through peer-support systems.


Group guidance: The group guidance sessions are led by teachers and/or the School Counselor. These instructional sessions help students better understand themselves and their development, by addressing topics like self-image, study-skills, health-habits, peer-relationships, etc.

Curriculum Guidance: The School Counseling Program develops learning goals and instructional strategies to assist with students’ personal, social and educational development. The School Counselor helps teachers incorporate these goals and strategies into daily instruction by providing them with resources and materials, and by participating in some class activities.

Consultation: In order to help students achieve their fullest potential, the counselors consult with teachers and parents to develop individualized plans of action for students with learning, emotional, or social difficulties. These plans focus on the needs of the individual student. The School Counseling Program also coordinates workshops for teachers to develop work-plans to address specific topics or issues that might arise during the school year, such as disruptive behavior or low-academic performance.

Outside Support Services: The School Counseling Program includes a wide range of services and activities that require the support of outside professionals. The school counselors can coordinate external support services to refer students to other types of professional assistance they might need. The counselors also provide the necessary follow-up to determine if and how the student is benefiting from the suggested services.

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