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As part of the Core Knowledge Sequence the school offers art and music programs from PK-3 to 6th grade. Both programs follow the grade by grade content designed to introduce each child to the great masterpieces of the world, the history and the movements. In addition to the theoretical components, the program has a hands on approach to learning the arts. Throughout the music program, students learn how to play the flute, read music and recognize the different components of a piece. In the art program, students use the same techniques used by some of the world’s best-known artists to create their own works of arts. At the end of each school year, each student has created his or her own art portfolio, which may include sculpture, drawing, painting and collage, among others.

In addition to the regular scheduled classes both art and music are included through interdisciplinary links throughout the curriculum in all grade levels. For example, students experience the Renaissance through its art, music and literature.

High school students have the opportunity to take two Art electives: AP Art History and AP Studio Art 2D.

Extracurricular activities like guitar, dance and drama are also offered at the school.

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