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School Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,

Centuries ago, Augustine defined peace as “tranquilitas ordinis” or the tranquility of order. As a Catholic school, our desire is to create a peaceful and orderly environment where our students can pursue their main objective of intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. For this purpose, we have defined, in this Handbook, the values, rules and procedures that are to be followed at St. Augustine Preparatory School.

As a school we recognize that unforeseen incidents and circumstances might arise during each school year. Therefore, this handbook is not meant to be an exhaustive document. Instead, it is an expression of the general values, behavior expectations and procedures that will guide our functioning as a school community.

In defining these rules and disciplinary policies, we have two main objectives:

  1. To present standards of behavior that will inspire our students to practice human and Christian virtues.

  2. To create certain limits that will allow our students to express their individuality and personal freedom without disrupting the rights of others to a safe, orderly and productive learning environment.

At St. Augustine, we understand that true discipline is much more than simply following the rules. Catholic educational philosophy teaches us that all disciplinary measures must have as their final goal the formation and transformation of our students’ character or, better said in religious terms, their conversion.

I invite each and every one of you to read this handbook thoroughly and discuss it with your children. We consider the registration of a student at St. Augustine Preparatory School as the expressed agreement on the part of the student and the student’s parents to observe the rules, policies and procedures found in this handbook.

Finally, I humbly ask for your prayers so that God may grant me and our teachers the wisdom to apply the contents of this handbook in a manner that will benefit all the members of our school community.



Jose Oyanguren


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