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Social Emotional Learning

Pod Meetings


Our Elementary Pod Meetings seek to create a community environment, giving our students trust, confidence, and openness. 


These are moments in which our students learn about five areas of competence that are fundamental to their social emotional development.


  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Social awareness

  • Relationship skills 

  • Responsible decision-making

A pod is a school or group of dolphins, and for them, participation in their pod is extremely important for their development as a species. They eat, live, and even breathe together. Dolphins are rarely found alone.

Advisory Program

All secondary students are assigned to an advisory group of eight to nine students and a faculty advisor. Advisory groups meet weekly and follow a curriculum of social emotional learning.

The program recognizes that social and emotional learning competencies are crucial in preparing students for their future lives as they seek to think with clarity, act with integrity and love with generosity.

 The Advisory Program seeks to:

 – Build and maintain meaningful relationships.

– Give each student an “anchor” adult (main point of contact).

– Facilitate discussions by creating an atmosphere of trust.

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