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Guided by the Gospel and inspired by the life and thought of St. Augustine of Hippo, our mission as an educational community is to seek together through faith and reason knowledge of ourselves, of the world and of God. We strive to engage our students in this mission by providing them with a challenging and well-integrated educational program that fosters their physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual development as they prepare for further academic pursuits and their future lives.  The ideal St. Augustine graduate is a young person who thinks with clarity, acts with integrity and loves with generosity.


Our school follows the Core Knowledge Sequence as its principal curricular guide in grades Pre-K 3 to 8.  It provides a content-specific and sequenced guide to what our students need to learn in each subject, in each grade.  Read more


St. Augustine provides a variety of extracurricular activities that promote the holistic development of our students. The Sports Program is certainly our most popular after-school activity with over 50% of the student body participating in a team sport. Ten different soccer teams represent the St. Augustine Dolphins from elementary, middle and high school along with five basketball teams, three volleyball teams and the Chess team.
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St. Augustine Preparatory School offers students in grades 9 to 12 a challenging college-preparatory program that fulfills the requirements of highly selective universities in the U.S. and around the world.


Religious education is an integral part of the school’s curriculum and student life at St. Augustine Preparatory School. All students receive religion classes between two and three times a week and from first grade on, attend weekly mass.